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A simpler, smarter banking experience.

Banking on the go, with amazing features

Use the "Spendometer" to monitor your cash flow in real time
Personalise "My Money" screen to show and reorder your most relevant products
Send Money
Send money to pre-approved payees in less than a minute
Fixed Term Deposit
Create a fixed-term deposit instantly

Budget & Save

"Current Balance" doesn't tell the whole story

You shouldn't have to perform calculations just to figure out if you can afford new clothes or to eat out with your friends. At most banks, the "current balance" shows you how much is in each of your accounts, but then you have to mentally perform a series of additions and subtractions before you can figure out how much money you can spend at that specific moment.

Hellenic Bank’s "spendometer" does all the math for you by adding up your available balances (including available overdraft limits) and subtracting upcoming bill payments, pending transactions, and any fixed deposit type of savings. This way you get a more accurate picture of what you can afford.

Save money, on the go and in an instant.

Save over time — Put money aside in time deposits, and automatically subtract that from your “spendometer ". When you’re able to save anytime, even on the go, you'll be amazed at how fast you can reach your Goals.
Budget & Save

Pre-login Features

Even if you are not a Hellenic Bank customer, you can “take a tour” of the app and simulate transactions as well as take advantage of pre-login features such as navigating to the nearest Hellenic Bank ATM/branch, viewing foreign currency rates or getting in touch with us via phone, email or social media.
Pre-login Features
Mobile App phone

Offers Zone

  • Find merchants with offers around you in real time using your location.
  • We keep things personal - so that only the relevant offers and merchants based on the products you own will be presented.
  • Our intuitive user experience makes it a joy to use.
  • Integrated feature in our all-in-one app
* Valid for cards associated with discount schemes.
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David M.Brear
The design of the new app is incredibly well put together with simple touches, like the bounce on the ‘spendometer’ naturally drawing your attention to where it is needed.

Things like the spend meter are beyond most of the functionality offered by UK banks giving a clearly aggregated view across all accounts of a customer’s behavior... Testimonial
David is the Chief Thinker at Think Different Group. He is a FinTech Strategist, Speaker, Scholar & Writer who is continually voted the most popular business and FinTech influencer on social media. He spends his time these days helping banks, regulators & governments be better.

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How can I get the app?
The Hellenic Bank Mobile Banking app is available at the Stores (for android and apple devices), compatible with the following operating systems:
iOS 7.1 and above
Android 4.4.2 and above
• *Before downloading the app, please check that your device has sufficient memory space, otherwise the installation will not be completed.
• To be able to install the Hellenic Bank Mobile Banking app you must have an account with the above stores.
I am not a Hellenic Bank customer. Is there an option to explore some of the app’s features?
Even if you are not a Hellenic Bank customer, you can use the “take a tour” feature of the app and simulate transactions as well as take advantage of pre-login features such as navigating to the nearest Hellenic Bank ATM/branch, viewing foreign currency rates or getting in touch with us via phone, email or social media.
Do I use the same log on credentials (Username and Password) for Mobile Banking that I use for Web Banking?
Yes, the same Web Banking credentials (Username and Password) are used to access your Hellenic Bank accounts through Mobile Banking app.
Do I need to use Digipin for transfers & payments?
All monetary transactions (transfers, payments) have to be authorized by using your existing Digipin Device.

However, if you are transferring money between your own accounts or to a preapproved payee, you will not be prompted to use it.
Is the mobile banking app Secure?

Hellenic Bank considers the protection of customers’ personal and sensitive data of the highest priority and implements appropriate security mechanisms to ensure its safekeeping.

  • Data Encryption

    Mobile Banking app is protected by the use of industry-standard protocols which create a secure environment for transferring data in an encrypted format.

  • Username and Security Password

    You will be provided a Username and Security Password to submit each time you wish to access to mobile banking app.
    We strongly recommend that you always keep your Passwords confidential and never reveal them to anyone..

  • digiPIN Device

    For even greater security, Hellenic Bank has introduced 'digiPIN' technology. In order to execute any money transfer or transfer any amount to third parties you need to type on mobile app, the code which appears on the display of your 'digiPIN' device, preserving thus the possibility of using your personal passwords by unauthorized persons.

  • Automatic Time Out.

    Timed log-out is imported after 10 minutes of inactivity to ensure the confidentiality of your personal and financial information.

  • System locks automatically.

    System locks automatically after three unsuccessful attempts to login as a safety measure against unauthorized access.

How can I find my operating system version?

For iOs devices: You will find it under settings general about version
For Android devices: You will find it under setting about phone android version

Can I install the mobile banking app on more than one device?
Yes, you can install the Mobile Banking app on all devices which is compatible.
Why the back button is disabled on my Android device?
The back button on the hardware has been deactivated for your security. For this reason, the app provides a “tab based” navigation as well as an integrated back button.
Are there any fees to use the Mobile Banking app?
There is no charge from Hellenic Bank to download or use the Mobile App. However, your wireless service provider's connectivity or usage rates may apply. Fees as provided in your Online and account agreement(s) still apply
How can I get access to the full suite of features?
To access the full suite of features in the Hellenic Bank app, you'll need to be a registered user of Online Banking and login with your credentials. If you don’t have your credentials you may visit your nearest Hellenic Bank branch.
Can I use my “Business” credentials to login?
This option is not available at this stage.
Which accounts are available through my Hellenic Mobile App?
You can see the same current, savings, deposit, credit/debit card, loan and mortgage accounts you access on NetBanking using your Hellenic Bank mobile App.
What is the “spendometer”?
Hellenic Bank’s "spendometer" does all the math for you by adding up your available balances (including available overdraft limits) and subtracting upcoming bill payments, pending transactions, and any fixed deposit type of savings. This way you get a more accurate picture of what you can afford.
How is the "spendometer" calculated?
Spendometer= [Available balances including limit (EUR)] - [automatic monthly card payment (% of the due amount paid through Standing Order) + loan payment Standing Orders + Direct Debits + sum of other Standing Orders +Pending Payments]

1. Based on Primary cif
2. The “spendometer” calculated all automatic monthly card payment + Direct Debits + sum of other Standing Orders +Pending Payments two working days before the execution (as per RBS) except Loans payment Standing orders which is calculated from the beginning of the month.
Which banking functions can I perform through Mobile Banking app?

With Mobile Banking app, you can access and manage your accounts quickly and securely via the Mobile Banking App from your mobile device. With the Hellenic Bank app you can:

• Transfer money between your accounts or to any Hellenic Bank customer, instantly
• Send money to another bank in Cyprus and Overseas
• Pay your credit card and/or top up your P-Card
• Transfer money into your loan accounts
• Pay faster by saving favourite payments
• Send money securely to existing payees
• Pay for utility bills (CYTA, MTN, EAC, CableNet and PrimeTel)
• Schedule and manage recurring payments
• Set up account, payment and security alerts
• View and search transactions
• Locate your nearest Hellenic Bank ATM or branch in Cyprus
• Locate your nearest JCC ATM in Cyprus
• Create a fixed term deposit account instantly (for one month, three months, six months or for one year)
• Report a lost or stolen card
• Log in faster by enabling the “Remember me” function
• Personalize your dashboard by showing and reordering your most relevant products
• Monitor your cash flow in real-time to keep your spending urges in check
• Make fast and smart financial decisions with the help of visualizations of your cash flow, credit card limit and amount left to pay off your loans
• Have a conversation with Hellenic Bank via threaded messages and visually group replies on a topic.

Where do I type my Authorization PIN?
You will not be prompted to use your Authorization PIN, during transfers or payments. What you need is just your Digipin.
Can I change the Value Date of a remittance?
There is no option to modify the value date through mobile app. All remittances will be processed with the default value date.
Can I send Rubles to Russia?
The specific option is not available at this stage.
Can I change my Password in Mobile Banking?
Yes, you can change your password within the app, after you get logged into the service.
Can I create favourite payments through Mobile Banking app?
Yes, you have the option to create a favourite payment through the Mobile Banking app to pay faster a third party person.
Can Transfers be canceled or changed through Mobile Banking app?
Once a transfer is executed you may send a secure Bank Mail through the application to cancel it. Future transactions can be cancelled.
Can I manage my standing orders and direct debits from the Mobile Banking app?
This option is not available at this stage.
What if a Transfer cannot be processed accordingly?
You will be notified during the execution of the Transfer or you may view the status on the Transactions History screen.
The Mobile Banking app is asking me to give permissions to my Location services. Is that required?
The Mobile Banking app has an embedded feature to help you locate your nearest Hellenic Bank ATM or branch as well as the nearest JCC ATM in Cyprus.
Are account details stored on my mobile device?
Hellenic Bank Mobile App does not store any sensitive data on your mobile device.
What happens if my mobile device is lost or stolen?
You should always use the log off button to close your session after using the Hellenic Bank Mobile App.
For your security, even if you don't log out, your session will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity. After this, anyone using your mobile device will have to enter your Username and Password to access your account information. If your mobile device is stolen, no one can access your account information without your Username and Password.
We also recommend that you not store your Username and Password in another app on your device. Even if you believe there's no way for someone to access personal information from your device, you should consider contacting your wireless service provider to have your device deactivated, and wipe out all apps and data on that device
Can I contact the bank from the mobile Banking app?
You can contact the bank via phone, bank mail or social media (facebook and twitter)
What shall I do in case that I forgot my password?
In case that you forgot your password, please visit your nearest Hellenic Bank branch to obtain new set of password.
This is a “quick action button”, based on the functionality/design provided by most of Social Media applications (fb messenger, Linkedin, Skype, twitter etc). You can open an instant fixed deposit account with just a tap of your thumb. More products will be added in the near future.
What happens when I block my Debit or Credit card?
If you block your card temporarily, nobody (not even you) will be able to use it for any transactions. You can unblock it anytime you like from the same setting. If you ever want to block the card permanently because it’s lost or stolen, click ‘Report as Lost or Stolen’ instead, as this will alert us to look out for unauthorised use – and we’ll also replace your card for you.
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